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1UG1901169SOUGATA GIRI30-May-2001GENM94446138.6
2UG1900521KAMAL KISHORE JANA16-Aug-2000GENM94437137.7
3UG1901254ANIMESH MAITY3-Apr-2001GENM82398121.8
4UG1900408TRISHITANJAN MISHRA 29-Jul-2002GENM70406110.6
5UG1901222SOUMYA NAYAK12-Nov-2000GENM70388108.8
6UG1902147SIDHARTHA PRADHAN21-Jan-2001GENM72362108.2
7UG1902655DEBDULAL RANA15-Jun-2001OBCM76320108
8UG1907250PABITRA BHUNIA1-Jun-2000SCM70375107.5
9UG1906568ARNAB SINGHA24-Oct-2002SCM70364106.4
10UG1904318ARPAN NANDA GOSWAMI9-Sep-2001GENM70351105.1
11UG1900238MONOLINA MAITY 17-Dec-2000GENF68371105.1
12UG1903258SANDIP BARIK3-Nov-2001OBCM64403104.3
13UG1903602SOUMI PRADHAN4-Apr-2001GENF64389102.9
14UG1900749SWAGATA JANA11-Feb-2001GENF66368102.8
15UG1900633SHREYA GIRI11-Jun-2001GENF68328100.8
16UG1905259ARPAN ROY ROY24-Apr-2002GENM6036996.9
17UG1908681SOUMYADEEP SAHA11-Dec-2000GENM6036796.7
18UG1900804DIPTI SAHOO26-Apr-2002GENF6331894.8
19UG1907561SUMAN PAIK16-Aug-2000SCM5737294.2
20UG1908469ASTIK KUMAR JANA26-Nov-2001GENM6033693.6
21UG1903700SIULI BERA9-Dec-2000OBCF6231293.2
22UG1907277PABITRA MANDAL1-Feb-2002OBCM5339292.2
23UG1907305SUBHADIP DAS7-Oct-2001OBCM5535690.6
24UG1908538RIJU DAS11-Dec-2001GENM5332085
25UG1903414MANISHA MANDAL19-Sep-2000OBCF5429883.8
26UG1903795GURUPADA GAYEN7-Mar-1999OBCM4934783.7
27UG1902035RANI MAITY21-Nov-2000GENF4736483.4
28UG1908797SOUMI MANNA19-Sep-2000GENF4735882.8
29UG1905039INDRANIL BARIK27-Jul-2002OBCM5032582.5
30UG1900971ABHIJIT DINDA6-Feb-2002GENM5031981.9
31UG1905727AMLAN DAS6-Jun-2000GENM4535080
32UG1901599POULAMI PATI8-Feb-2001OBCF5128879.8
33UG1902206PRATYUS PRADHAN21-Sep-2000OBCM4529874.8
34UG1907735PRITAM MAITY12-Apr-1999GENM4826474.4
35UG1902485CHAYANIKA MUKHERJEE8-Jan-2001GENF4529374.3
36UG1900080ARUP GIRI26-Aug-2000GENM4628174.1
37UG1904121BANDHAN BARIK4-Sep-2001OBCM4628074
38UG1906934SUNAYANA PRADHAN3-Jul-2000SCF4428772.7
  1. Any discrepancy arises in the Provisional Merit List is to be duly rectified on 15.06.2019 by 11.00 a.m. to 03.00 p.m. All complaints in this regard will be disposed of accordingly.
  2. After proper rectification (if any) The First Merit list will be published on 16.06.2019 after 03-00 on college website only.
  3. As per the First Merit list the Provisional Admission will be carried on 17.06.2019 after 03-00 P.M. to 20.06.2019 up to 05-00 P.M. by transferring Admission Fees for the subject concerned as per the ‘Fee Structure 2019-20’ through ‘online payment mode’.
  4. As per vacancies remained (if any) after Provisional Admission from First Merit list the Second Merit List (Provisional) will be published on 20.06.2019 after 05-30 P.M.
  5. As per the Second Merit list will be carried on 21.06.2019 after 03-00 P.M. to 24.06.2019 up to 05-00 P.M. by transferring Admission Fees for the subject concerned as per the ‘Fee Structure 2019-20’ through ‘online payment mode’.
  6. All documents/ Testimonials submitted for admission will be verified by the Department concerned on the commencement of the classes will be verified and if any information/Statement found false in this regard, the admission will be summarily rejected/ Cancelled.
      Note :
  • Candidates, who paid admission fees but receipt not generated /printed after online payment, must contact Helpline within schedule phase of Admission.