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Instruction for Filling Online Application

General Instruction
  1. Applications are invited for admission to 2 Years B.Ed. Programme for session 2019– 2021,
  2. Total Number of Seats – 100: 50 (Fresher) + 50 (Deputed),
  3. Reservation policy of Govt. strictly followed. (Detail in seat distribution),
  4. All applications are to be made through online,
  5. Application Fee - 420/- (Rupees Four Hundred Twenty only) to be paid only through online,
  6. Printout (All Pages) of Application form Generated after online submission to be submitted in the College office with requisite documents and the Fee receipt,
  7. Follow step-by-step instruction for filling up Online Application Form.
Instruction for Filling Online Application
  • General Candidates (both Fresher & Deputed) with at least 50% marks either in Bachelor’s Degree or in Master’s degree (55% for Technical Students) are eligible. In case of SC/ST/PH Category candidates with 45% marks either in Bachelor’s Degree or in Master’s degree in Arts/Science/Commerce (for Technical Students 50% in Bachelor / Master Degree) can apply.
  • The available method subjects (Bengali, English, History, Sanskrit, Geography, Mathematics, Life Science, Physical Science, Work Education and Education) are taught in the college.
  • Fresher & Deputed Candidates must be within 38 years of age as on 30.06.2019. Deputed teachers teaching for Class IX and onwards in W.B. Govt. aided institution must have at least one year teaching experience as on 30.06.2019.
  • Reservation of seats for SC/ST/PH Candidates will be followed as per Govt. rules.
  • Candidates pursuing any other Course of Studies/Job/Full-time Research Work will not be allowed to pursue this course simultaneously.
Academic Qualification

Special care should be taken by the candidates while providing information to this section. They should clearly understand what is a mark obtained and full marks. In case of Vocational Candidates (who are considered as pass graduates) all the examinations Part-I, II & III should be considered and marks obtained & total marks should be rightly calculated. Candidates having Honours in (UG) degree level, will be awarded grade only for Honours marks. He/She will be considered as Honours graduate in the case. Similarly if a candidate has M.A. & M.Sc. in two different subjects then the qualification acquired later will be considered for determining his category & grade calculation. In all the cases each and every candidate should submit the attested Xerox copies of their mark sheets (Both sides) of all the examinations passed.

For Deputed Teachers in Pass scale having Honours Degree and/or PG degree should fill rows corresponding to pass graduate and Honours graduate both and also the row for PG (if he/she has PG degree). The Academic grade will be calculated as per scale. However, for eligibility, percentage of marks in Pass/Hons. and PG levels will be checked.

For Deputed Candidates

For Deputed all the information should be filled in & verified by the school authority where the applicant serve. It should also be attested & forwarded by the Head of the Institution under office seal.

## It is to note that the duration of the two-year B.Ed. course should be mentioned clearly (i.e. 2019-21) in the resolution of Managing Committee of the School.

All Application should be made online. After online submission of forms, candidates must take a PRINTOUT of the Application and submit it to the college office with Fees and requisite testimonials within the due date. Step by Step Application Procedure is detailed below (Read these carefully before you proceed):

Instructions for Online Application :-

Step – I : Have these ready –

  1. Scanned Copy of Photo (Size 05-80 kB in JPG / JPEG Format)
  2. Scanned Copy of Signature (Size 05-80 kB in JPG / JPEG Format)

Step – II : Click

Your basic information will be automatically transferred to Application format.

Step – III : Choose Applicant’s nature –

Step – IV :If Fresher,

  • Choose Category I for VU Students
  • Choose Category II for Other University Students

Step – V : Fill up the details carefully. Then Click on

A message would Come - "Your Form has been Successfully Submitted"

Step - VI : Please Note down your Form Number. Now take the Printout by Clicking PRINT button.

Step – VII : Submit the Print copy of the Application Form at the College Office with requisite Fee and documents within due Date.

** Forms with incomplete / wrong information will be summarily rejected.

(a) Documents to be submitted by all Candidates

The following testimonials duly attested by the candidate himself/herself should accompany the Application from (without anyone of these testimonials the Application From is liable to be CANCELLED):

  • Attested copy of Admit Card / Certificate of Madhyamik or equivalent examination for Evidence of Age.
  • Attested copy (both sides) of mark sheets of Madhyamik, Higher Secondary, Graduation (Part-I, Part-II, & Part-III), Postgraduate Examination
  • Attested copy of Registration Certificate issued by Vidyasagar University (Both Sides for VU applicant).
(b) Additional Documents to be submitted by Candidates in Reserved Category:

The Candidates belonging to any Reserved Category must submit their caste/disability certificates from the appropriate authority.

(C)Additional Documents to be submitted by Deputed (Teacher) Candidates only:
  • Copy of Approval letter of D.I. of Schools, Govt. of W.B.
  • Copy of MC Resolution approving deputation.
  • Certificate from Head of the Institution that the candidate is teaching from Class IX onwards.

Please tick mark the boxes in the application form regarding the documents submitted.

Reservation of Seats:

For Fresher & Deputed:

Out of the total seats available, 20% seats are allocated to Deputed teacher & 80% seats are allocated to Fresher Candidates.

Out of total seats in the fresher category, 80% are meant for the students of the Vidyasagar University and 20% for the students other than Vidyasagar University. In case of non-availability of candidates in any category, the seats will be filled up as per rule.-

Reservation of seats for SC/ST/PH candidates as per Govt. Rules.

For PH minimum disability up to 40% will be considered.

3% reservation of seat in PH category will be reserved separately in GEN, SC & ST Category.

## N.B. : If there is no seat allotted against any reserved category, the student shall apply and shall be considered under GENERAL Category of the same STREAM. (e.g.- A student of Other University belonging to ST category wants to apply, though there is no seat under F/ST/OU/Arts/Hons/PG; such student shall apply in F/Gen/OU/Arts/Hons/PG category)

Stream-Wise Allocation of Seats:

For Fresher: Stream-wise Allocation of seats for fresher will be as follows: Arts-50%, Science- 40%, Commerce-10%. In each stream 10% seats will be reserved for Pass Graduates and rest 90% for Honours Graduate & Postgraduate.

For Deputed: Stream-wise Allocation of seats for Deputed will be as follows: Arts and Commerce subject Teacher-60%, Science Subject Teacher- 40%.

## N.B. : There are only Four (04) Pedagogy of School Subjects, those are –
  • Pedagogy of Language Teaching – for Bengali, English, Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu & Arabic
  • Pedagogy of Social Science Teaching – for History, Geography, Political Science, Economics, Education, Commerce, Sociology, Philosophy, Music, Fine Arts & Psychology
  • Pedagogy of Science Teaching – for Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Anthropology, Physiology, Nutrition, Computer Science & Application
  • Pedagogy of Mathematics Teaching – for Mathematics & Statistics
Seat Distribution Chart follows -
Students Category Seats
Category I Vidyasagar University (VU) F/Gen/VU/Arts/Hons/PG 10
F/Gen/VU/Arts/Pass 01
F/Gen/VU/Sc/Hons/PG 08
F/Gen/VU/Sc/Pass 01
F/Gen/VU/Com/Hons/PG 03
F/Gen/VU/Com/Pass 00
Total (F/Gen/VU) 23
F/SC/VU/Arts/Hons/GP 04
F/SC /VU/Arts/Pass 01
F/SC /VU/Sc/Hons/PG 03
F/SC /VU/Sc/Pass 01
F/SC /VU/Com/Hons/PG 01
F/SC /VU/Com/Pass 00
Total (F/SC/VU) 10
F/ST/VU/Arts/Hons/PG 01
F/ST /VU/Arts/Pass 00
F/ST/VU/Sc/Hons/PG 01
F/ST/ VU/Sc/Pass 00
F/ST /VU/Com/Hons/PG 00
F/ST /VU/Com/Pass 00
Total (F/ST/VU) 02
F/OBC-A/VU/Arts/Hons/PG 01
F/OBC-A /VU/Arts/Pass 00
F/OBC-A/VU/Sc/Hons/PG 01
F/OBC-A/ VU/Sc/Pass 00
F/OBC-A/VU/Com/Hons/PG 00
F/OBC-A/VU/Com/Pass 00
Total (F/OBC-A/VU) 02
F/OBC-B/VU/Arts/Hons/PG 02
F/OBC-B/VU/Arts/Pass 00
F/OBC-B/VU/Sc/Hons/PG 01
F/OBC-B/ VU/Sc/Pass 00
F/OBC-B/VU/Com/Hons/PG 00
F/OBC-B/VU/Com/Pass 00
Total (F/ST/VU) 03
F/PH/VU/Arts/Hons/PG 0
F/PH /VU/Arts/Pass 0
F/PH /VU/Sc/Hons/PG 0
F/PH /VU/Sc/Pass 0
F/PH /VU/Com/Hons/PG 0
Total (F/PH/VU) 0
Total (A) 40
Category II Other University (OU) F/Gen/OU/Arts/Hons/PG 03
F/Gen/OU/Arts/Pass 01
F/Gen/OU/Sc/Hons/PG 03
F/Gen/OU/Sc/Pass 00
F/Gen/OU/Com/Hons/PG 01
F/Gen/OU/Com/Pass 00
Total (F/Gen/OU) 08
F/SC/OU/Arts/Hons/GP 01
F/SC /OU/Arts/Pass 00
F/SC /OU/Sc/Hons/PG 01
F/SC /OU/Sc/Pass 00
F/SC /OU/Com/Hons/PG 00
F/SC /OU/Com/Pass 00
Total (F/SC/OU) 02
F/ST/OU/Arts/Hons/PG 0
F/ST /OU/Arts/Pass 0
F/ST/OU/Sc/Hons/PG 0
F/ST/ OU/Sc/Pass 0
F/ST /OU/Com/Hons/PG 0
F/ST /OU/Com/Pass 0
Total (F/ST/OU) 00
F/OBC-A/OU/Arts/Hons/PG 0
F/OBC-A /OU/Arts/Pass 0
F/OBC-A/OU/Sc/Hons/PG 0
F/OBC-A/OU/Sc/Pass 0
F/OBC-A/OU/Com/Hons/PG 0
F/OBC-A/OU/Com/Pass 0
Total (F/OBC-A/OU) 00
F/OBC-B/OU/Arts/Hons/PG 0
F/OBC-B/OU/Arts/Pass 0
F/OBC-B/OU/Sc/Hons/PG 0
F/OBC-B/OU/Sc/Pass 0
F/OBC-B/OU/Com/Hons/PG 0
F/OBC-B/OU/Com/Pass 0
Total (F/ST/OU) 00
F/PH/OU/Arts/Hons/PG 0
F/PH /OU/Arts/Pass 0
F/PH /OU/Sc/Hons/PG 0
F/PH /OU/Sc/Pass 0
F/PH /OU/Com/Hons/PG 0
Total (F/PH/OU) 00
Total (B) 10
For Deputed Candidates (D)
Students Category Seats
Deputed  D/Gen/ Arts-Com 18
D/Gen/ Sc 12
D/SC/ Arts-Com 07
D/SC/ Sc 04
D/ST/ Arts-Com 01
D/ST/ Sc 01
D/OBC-A/ Arts-Com 03
D/OBC-A/ Sc 02
D/OBC-B/ Arts-Com 01
D/OBC-B/ Sc 01
D/PH/ Arts-Com 00
D/PH/ Sc 00

Calculation of Academic Grade Marks [both Deputed & Fresher)

The Academic grade marks (Deputed / Fresher) will be calculated as per following rule.

  • 10% of the percentage of aggregate marks obtained in M.P. or Equivalent Examinations.
  • 10% of the percentage of aggregate marks obtained in H.S. or Equivalent Examinations (In H.S. (New) with grading system the marks obtained in best five subjects including Bengali & English excluding Environmental Studies will be considered.)
  • 15% of the percentage of aggregate marks obtained in Degree Pass Examinations
  • 20% of the percentage of aggregate marks obtained in Degree Honours Examinations (in such cases the marks of pass examinations will not be considered.)
  • 20% of the percentage of aggregate marks obtained in Post Graduate Examinations.

Fresher Candidate: The Selection of fresher candidate will be based on the total academic grade marks calculated as per their academic performance mentioned earlier.

Deputed Candidate:

  • Deputed candidate will be selected on the basis of total continuous length of approved Service (Teaching experience) in Secondary School from the entry to the service as on 30.06.2018. The minimum length of Service is 1 year teaching for class IX onwards.
  • If the length of service is same for more than one candidate, then academic grade marks will be checked for preparing their merit position. Academic grade marks will be calculated as per the scale of pay of applicant.
  • Eligibility % of marks will be checked based on academic qualification.
Please Note : Keep on visiting the College website on regular basis for all necessary details. The schedule may change in exigencies and intimation in this regard will be published at the College website only.